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Join Today!

Individual Membership

Annual Fee - $25

Firefighters or EMT/Paramedic Personnel whose Departments are not yet

part of the Association.

Lifetime/Retired Membership

One-Time Fee - $25

You will receive a laminated membership card and certificate to commemorate your membership and to show our appreciation for your knowledge and service.

Association Membership

Annual Fee - $150

Dealers in fire department supplies, firms, individuals, Fire Associations, Officers of cities, towns, fire protection districts, interested in the protection of life and property from fire, and who are not members of the Association

Department Membership Levels

1-10 Members $100.00
11-20 Members $150.00
21-30 Members $200.00
31-40 Members $250.00
41-50 Members $300.00
51-75 Members $400.00
76-100 Members $500.00
More than 100 Members $600.00
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