Telemarketing Campaign

The Colorado State Fire Fighters Foundation (CSFFF) is performing a telemarketing campaign to raise funds for downed firefighters and families, future firefighter training and education scholarships, and to support training at the annual CSFFA Fire College.  

These phone calls are from the PB Entertainment group based in Memphis Tennessee. The callers are paid solicitors for the CSFFF and the foundation receives 26% of these donations.

719-204-9287, 719-215-4447, 719-215-4456, 719-215-4461, 719-653-0819, 719-946-6033, 719-215-4432, 719-215-4447, 719-215-4456, 719-215-4461, 970-779-2838, 970-722-6018, 970-746-4193,

970-779-2838, 970-218-3773, 970-230-5456, 970-458-5782, 970-746-4193, 970-771-7462,

970-832-6011, 970-930-2213, 970-837-5758, 970-840-1632.

We would also like you to be aware there is an email campaign for marketing that will come from a PayPal address with the subject line "Colorado State Firefighters Foundation".

Please keep in mind that the percentages that are donated to our organization by PB Entertainment will continue to go up every year!

If we as an organization were to try to perform this marketing campaign on our own, we would make less than 25% due to expenses for support staff, payroll, facilities, call lists, benefits and other set expenses.

Most successful non-profit organizations have something similar to what PB Entertainment does for the Colorado State Fire Fighters Association.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call any of the following Association representatives. 

CSFFF President - Byron Willems - 970-756-3473

Telemarketer - PB Entertainment – Paul Baca - 954-655-8414

CSFFA / CSFFF Secretary – Chad Wettstein - 970-425-3995